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Beverage solutions

Tailored to your needs and business objectives. A bar or a restaurant, the appropriate beverage program, all round offering and training will contribute to the success of your venue as well as clearly reinforcing your concept´s identity.


Cocktail creation, event management and hosting for events such as festivals, product launches, weddings and high profile events are all areas that Dimi is very comfortable with and in great position to help you create a very successful drinking occasion.


Throughout his career, Dimi helped brands such as Chivas Regal, Glennfiddich, Hendricks and Grey Goose to name a few become international heavyweights. From brand development for consumer recruitment and better trade penetration to drink strategy and brand education, and as well as innovation, Dimi is well experienced to help your brand reach its objectives.



Dimitri Lezinska (a.k.a Dimi) born and raised in Paris and now living in Mumbai, perfected his craft during the renaissance of the cocktail culture in some of the UK’s most iconic cocktail bars including the legendary Atlantic Bar, Mash, Eclipse and as the manager of one of the most highly acclaimed bars in the capital, LAB.

Years working behind London bars, consulting for global spirits brands through his consulting firms and working at London’s finest events such as films premieres, music concerts and launch parties have made Dimi very versatile.

Dimi went on to achieve international recognition as the co-host of the Discovery Channel’s hugely popular “Cocktail Kings”, a guide to some of the best cities in the world and the cocktails to enjoy in their most stylish bars, restaurants and hotels.

After acquiring extensive experience as an expert mixologist, traveling the world and gaining industry wide recognition as an expert in his craft, Dimi was appointed to the highly coveted role as the first global ambassador for one of the world’s biggest luxury brands, Grey Goose Vodka. He has spent the last 7 years launching the French luxury spirit to all corners of the world and building the profile of the brand to its preeminent standing in the market today. During this time, he also traveled the world training thousands of career bartenders on the art of cocktail making and advising on bar operations. He was also influential in elevating the cocktail culture across the Americas, Europe and Asia by continuously discovering new ingredients with which to create new taste experiences. Emphasis was placed on finding fresh and seasonal ingredients found locally in each country – the more exotic and unusual, the better.

Part of his role also included the design of unique cocktails for events such as the Academy Awards (Oscar pre and after parties), the Cannes Film Festival, British Academy For Television Arts, Toronto Film Festival, as well as all the high profile events for Grey Goose worldwide.

With a well-versed and charismatic personality, Dimi is multilingual and fluent in French, Italian, English and a little Spanish too. He has received extensive public relations training, and conducted many television and magazine interviews globally on cocktails and events. Dimi recently departed the enviable role of Grey Goose global ambassador, but has helped set the groundwork in establishing Grey Goose Vodka as one of the worlds most successful luxury brands. He believes that when it comes to cocktails, less is always more and one should never compromise on the quality of the ingredients used.


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